Higher Education Security & Compliance

higher-education-security-complianceWe are providers of managed security services to educational institutions.  Campus Security is a year round consideration, but in the education environment, paying for year round service that is not always needed when the calendar year significantly effects the campus population is not necessarily cost effective.  Pax Bello Security Solutions has cost effective solutions, using a combination of technology and services to reduce expenses for staffing  security operations. Contact us and together we can develop cost savings for your institution that can be used to improve physical security, security systems or used to increase pay to security staff.

Services we offer:

  • Turn-Key Clery Compliance Annual Security Report
  • Turn-Key Title IX Investigations
  • Clery Records Compilation and Auditing of Records
  • Daily Log Compilation and Publication
  • Physical Security Project Planning, Implementation and Commissioning
  • Physical Security Implementation
  • Physical Security System Commissioning
  • Technology Integration that Increases Information to Executives and Community
  • Development of Basis of Design Document for Physical Security and Security Technology