Pax Bello Security Solutions was formed as a result of a void in the industry.  It is no secret that security does not take top billing for most companies, as a matter of fact the majority of people look at security as a cost center of a necessary evil so they can check the box.  At Pax Bello Security Solutions we believe security is much more than that.  Security is and should be an added value to an organization in addition to that safety net most people expect to be there.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how much they depend on security but at the same time they have not been given the tools required to do the job efficiently. More often than not, people who are not familiar with the security world develop criteria for the department and a level of expectations based on what they feel or on what they can afford to spend.  Seldom do people have the foresight to ask the right questions to a security professional.  If you are reading this then consider yourself one of the few and an exception to the rule.

That being said, Pax Bello Security Solutions has gathered a team of industry experts to help guide you through the process, whether it be, Security training, assessing your needs or helping you maintain compliance to name a few.   You will find that our approach is not cookie cutter, but specific to your organization.  We have found that no two organizations are alike so we approach each institution with fresh eyes, bringing a resolution that will fit within the organization.  Pax Bello’s consultants are flexible and want to hear what you and your employees are saying to develop the system, policies or training best for your environment.

Our team members are well respected in the industry and bring over a hundred years of combined experience to the table.

Our approach is based on being good financial stewards and we pride ourselves in developing methods and processes that can possibly save you money and enhance your security department.

To request more information or to speak to one of our consultants about your specific needs, complete the “contact us” section and we will help answer your questions.

Where to Find Us

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8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800
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5173 Waring Rd, Suite 540
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