Pax Bello Security Solutions, LLC was created to focus on creating peace of mind for the leaders tasked with ensuring the safety of those within their organization:

Pax Bello does not offer “cookie cutter” solutions. Your facility is unique and should be approached keeping that in mind.

With over 100 years of combined experience in municipal law enforcement, k-12 and higher education law enforcement/security, emergency management and healthcare security, our practitioners are here for you. We will engage our skill sets to identify areas of opportunity within your organization, assess your current strategies and leverage those to create improved and cost efficient solutions

Pax Bello Security Solutions, LLC expertise in Emergency Management, Workplace Violence Reduction Programs, Program Reviews, Risk Mitigation Assessment, Action Planning Development and OSHA Compliance Assessments allows us to create training for your work environments.

Through experience, and training Pax Bello can identify and guide your organization through the myriad of security technology and emergency management technology available. Our approach, just like your organization, is unique. Recommended solutions are “practitioner and organization focused” and not product focused. Pax Bello offers solutions for problems faced by Security Professionals, not solutions looking for a problem to solve.

Explore the Services we offer or contact us to discuss your challenges.

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