healthcare-hospital-securityPax Bello Security Solutions and our team have provided consulting services to a wide range of facilities across the country.  Our team has partnered with and advised Acute Care Facilities (50 bed -1,100 bed), Behavioral Health Facilities as well as Long Term Care, Medical Office Buildings and Clinics.

Our team members have been practitioners in this very specific and highly regulated field.  We bring with us a wealth of knowledge on TJC, CMS and OSHA as well as hospital EOC plans and Facilities requirements for emergency planning and equipment.

From Security Master Plans, Investigations, Audits, Updating Policy & Procedure Manuals to Risk and Threat Assessments, let Pax Bello Security Solutions help you.  We think you will find our Security Departments Organizational Analysis painless and informative.

We know that you will find our assessments and surveys complete, detailed and useful. We pull our experience in dealing with the complexities of a hospital and all the affected departments whether it be a level one trauma center, a mother and baby unit, housekeeping facilities or the O.R., we will help identify possible efficiencies and opportunities to protect patients, staff and visitors.

Pax Bello Security Solutions has worked with a number of institutions on preventing workplace violence and training their staff on personal protection.  More and more hospitals are challenged with developing OSHA compliant training and mechanisms to protect their staff in an increasingly violent time or lack the resources and internal experience on how to help deescalate violent patients.  We will work with you in identifying cost effective ways to develop and implement training, show your staff you are interested in their well-being in addition to partnering with them on enhancing the work environment.

With the world of healthcare as it is today, we understand the effect of limited budgets yet still needing to meet the regulatory requirements and most of all not compromising patient safety.  We get that you would rather spend your money on new equipment that will generate revenue rather than spend your money on a non-revenue generating department.  We have an innovative approach to resolving that problem for you, ask us how.